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 Hugo Patyn & Celina Rotundo 

August 11, 2018 : Tango Gala                              
August 12 to 15: Workshops
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Masters of Tango Argentino HUGO PATYN and CELINA ROTUNDO will be in Vancouver in charge of a busy tango weekend where Tango enthusiasts will be able to enjoy their mastery in an Evening Gala as well as their highly acclaimed workshops.  

H​ugo ​P​atyn and Celina Rotundo ​a​re ​A​rgentine ​T​ango ​dancers, ​m​asters, ​a​nd ​choreographers who ​d​azzle ​t​he ​w​orld, ​b​oth ​o​n ​s​tage ​a​nd ​i​n ​e​very ​c​lass ​o​r ​w​orkshop ​t​hey ​t​each.

They ​p​ossess ​a​n ​e​specially ​p​articular ​c​onnection ​a​nd ​s​tyle, ​m​aking ​t​hem ​f​irst ​c​lass ​d​ancers with ​a​n ​e​xtensive ​d​ance ​b​ackground. ​T​hey ​h​ave ​d​anced ​i​n ​d​iverse ​p​laces ​around ​t​he ​w​orld, presenting ​c​hallenging, ​i​ntense ​a​nd ​s​ensual ​c​horeographies ​w​ith ​​history. As ​i​nstructors, ​t​hey ​h​ave ​i​nitiated ​a​nd ​i​nspired ​h​undreds ​o​f ​s​tudents ​a​round the ​w​orld.

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TANGO GALA: Sat Aug 11

Location: Holy Trinity Church  – 154 East 10th St (off Main St) – Vancouver, BC

Parking: Behind and in front of the Church

8:30pm: Doors open
9:00pm: Milonga (social dance) with D.J. Jorge Olguin
10:00pm: Performace by Tango Masters Hugo Patyn and Celina Rotundo
The Milonga will resume after the performance until doors close.
Bar service and delicious empanadas

Location: The Russian Hall 600 Campbell Ave -  Vancouver, BC



Sun, Aug 12 - 2:00-3:15 – Advanced level
The Ultimate in close embrace for Milonguero Style Rhythm work

- Share axis into a close embrace

- Physical training for leaders/ followers thru individual/ partner exercises.

- Students will have the opportunity to request what they desire to work on and ask questions in a class setting.


Sun, Aug 12 - 3:30-4:45 – Intermediate level
D'arienzo Style, making your dance sharp, dynamic and stylish.

- Turns with embellishment

- Sacadas

- Interpretation and understanding of the up/down bits with different orchestras.


Mon, Aug 13 - 7:00-8:15 - General instruction for Beginners

- Introduction to Cross System

- Introduction to Close Embrace.

- Introduction to Turns

- How to dance into a crow Milonga using simple moves

- Introduction to Milonga Rhythm

- Introduction to Vals Rhythm


~ VALS ~

Tue, Aug 14 - 7:00-8:15 – Intermediate and Advanced levels

- Circular Moves with embellishment in a syncopation rhythms

- Complex Close embrace figures with a embellishment


Tue, Aug 14 - 8:30-9:45 - Intermediate and Advanced levels

- Ochos into Milonga Traspie

- Change of Dynamic with embellishment for her and Him




Gala, Sat Aug 11, Doors open at 8pm :  $35 

1 - $40     2 - $75      3 - $110     4 - $145     5 - $180

Private classes:  Available Mon 13 though Wed 15 from noon to 6:45pm.
For bookings please contact Gabriela at 604.684.4225 or gabrielarojo@shaw.ca

The studio fee is in Canadian dollars

Private lessons are for  1 or 2 people  (1 hour)

taught by one of the masters  either Celina or Hugo so you can share the cost

1 clase: US$100 + Studio Fee

3 clases: US$270 + Studio Fee

5 Clases: US$400 + Studio Fee

Privates with both teachers together:

1 clase: US$130 + Studio Fee

3 clases: US$330 + Studio Fee

5 Clases: US$500 + Studio Fee

Please contact Gabriela for bookings:
604.684.4225 or gabrielarojo@shaw.ca


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