Recent Event

Nov 2 & 3, 2019, 2019

Masters of Argentine Tango:

 Miriam Larici & 
 Leonardo Barrionuevo 

Sat Nov. 2nd

Learn with the Masters:
Leonardo will guide the Leaders and Miriam will have the Ladies

Learn all the elements used in the dance

8:30pm - Open Doors

10:00pm - Tango Gala: Performance by Miriam and Leonardo

Milonga: Social dance with DJ Vincent Lam

LOCATION:  Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Church
154 East - 10th Avenue. (off Main St.) - Vancouver, BC


Sun Nov. 3rd:  Workshops
Join our intermediate-advanced level classes, which cover:

1:00-2:15pm - LADIES’ STYLING
 Men Technique - 30 min.
 “Lapiz Figure” and  Embellishment
Contra-giro & sacadas.  Corte & Rebotes.
4:00-5:15pm - TANGO NUEVO Soltadas

5:30-6:45pm - LEAD & FOLLOW TIPS. Learn important tips from the Masters.
Learn to move to the melody and phrasing with elegance and connection.
Learn to switch roles, men can be also followers and women leaders ....
it's a lot of fun and it helps to understand the other partner's role.

7:00-8:15pm -  Practica for LEAD & FOLLOW.  Put to work what you have learned. 
Supervised by Miriam and Leonardo

LOCATION:  Russian Hall - 600 Campbell Ave., Vancouver, BC



Pre-Registration                        At the Door

Sat. Gala: $30                           Sat. Gala: $35

1 Workshop: $30                      1 Workshop: $35
2 Wshops: $60                          2 Wshops:   $70
3 Wshops: $85                          3 Wshops:  $100
4 Wshops $110                         4 Wshops: $130
5 Wshops $130                         5 Wshops: $155

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