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Selected Again to represent Argentina in Proyecto Cultural Sur


For the second time, Gabriela Rojo was selected to represent Argentina in Vancouver BC, for her passion, dedication and perserverance in promoting both the Argentinian Tango and the music of Buenos Aires.

The accomplishments of Gabriela are an example of perseverance and good work towards preserving the values of the Tango and the argentine tradition.
Tango is her passion. She has made solid community contributions by teaching, performing, as well as efforts to bring renowned professional artists and performers to Vancouver.


Lucy Ortiz, Director of Proyecto Cultural Sur comments, "We know that Gabriela does her work with love, passion and the interest for the preservation of the music of Argentina and to ensure that the heritage of the great masters of tango is kept alive  with the music recognized internationally.

She presents in Vancouver world class Tango figures giving shows and workshops to a growing audience interested in learning the Tango and the music that makes this artform so unique and powerful.".


Proyecto Cultural Sur (South Cultural Proyect) is an international cultural organization, a cooperative space for the works of writers and artists in general, whose ideas are to express their identity. PC-sur, looks to enrich humanity through art. The fundamental objectives of PC-sur, Vancouver are: to empower collective works that develop the intellectual potential of artists with economic limitations. It is a non-political, non-religious and non-lucrative organization. It is an open window to all expression of ideologies.



In an effort to recognize the cultural contributions of the Latin American community living in British Columbia, renowned Mexican sculptor Jorge Ismael Rodriquez, proposed that a legacy be created.  The project would preserve the Latin American cultural contributions for future generations of Latino descendents living in British Columbia. Representation and input would be provided bfrom residents from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, El Savador, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Uruguay, Honduras and Venezuela.   In January 2009, committees were formed to find the stone to be sculpted.On March 10, 2009 Roberto Palomino with his vision as a sculptor found the rock and under his direction in May of that year, work began.


In early 2010, the project was presented to Vancouver City Hall, and a formal request was made to allocate a site for the sculpture donated to the city by the Latin-American community.   The designated site of Seaforth Peace Park in downtown Vancouver was granted as the permanent resting place for this memorial from the Latin American People.




In mid 2010, a meeting took place at the Consulate of El Salvador  to select a list of dedicated people from Latin America who have made significant cultural contributions to the city of Vancouver, and who would serve as witnesses in the delivery of this project.  we selected a list of people form different Latin American countries, whose contribution to the life of the community to be the witnesses in the delivery of this monument to the city of Vancouver. And this took place at the Consulate of El Salvador


Gabriela Rojo, from Argentina was recognized for her cultural work for the past 12 years, promoting and organizing the tango in the city of Vancouver with devotion and dynamism.


This file is registered for life and sealed in the municipality of the city of Vancouver for future generations to know who influenced the culture of each country, as represented by this monument

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