Our Last Event

January 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2016
Vancouver welcomes renowned Tango and Folklore Masters

Claudio and Virginia

Vancouver Tango lovers will have the great opportunity to watch and learn from two of today's greatest masters of the Argentine Tango and Folklore teaching and performing together.

 Tango Gala Show  

La Milonga de Gabriela

January 23rd, 2016

Social dance and performance by the masters

Doors open at 9:00 pm   -    Ambient music with DJ Vince Lam


 Tango Workshops  

January 22nd, 23rd & 24th, 2016


  Folklore Seminar  

After the Tango workshops and Gala, Virginia and Claudio will give a special Folkore Seminar.



All events to be held at Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral

154 East 10th Ave, Vancouver, BC

For more information contact Gabriela Rojo


Tel. (604) 684-4225





Claudio's artistic career


Claudio, Argentine, grew up in Buenos Aires and graduated from the prestigious Carlos Pellegrini High School located at the hearth of the city. 

Claudio first discovered TANGO in 1986 through his godfahter Osvaldo who was a well-known manager and director of several tango bars of Buenos Aires, an authentic Milonguero and friends with the prestigious tango singer Hugo del Carril whom later introduced him at a private tango party being only 9 years old, and giving him his first classical guitar as a gift.

At the age of 16 Claudio began his musical studies which later continued in the USA graduating with a Music Performance Bachelor’s degree at the University of North Texas in 2005. 

In 2007, Claudio put his music performance skills aside and felt captivated by the beauty of the TANGO dance. Since then he hs been studying TANGO from the Argentinian masters such as Gustavo Naveira, Sebastian Arce, Chicho Frumboli, Demian Garcia, etc. and has been dancing and teaching in Argentina, North America and Europe, sharing his passion for TANGO and the Argentinian Culture.  Currently he is the partner of the talented folklore and tango dancer Virginia, teaching and performing in Buenos Aires and touring abroad.




Virginia's artistic career


Virginia begins her artistic career as a dancer from an early age studying classical, jazz, tap, flamenco and folklore Argentino, and being part of the Argentinian Ballet Salta for 7 consecutive years.

Enchanted by Tango, Virginia begins her studies with renowned tango masters, and in 1999 starts a tour to Japan, accompanying Beba Pugliese´s Orchestra with the acclaimed dancers Vanina Bilous and Roberto Herrera. In 2000, Virginia initiates a World Tour with several tango companies, such as Tango Seduction, and performing in prestigious venues such as the L´Olympia Hall in Paris, the Moskow Kremlin, the Ronacher Concert Hall of Vienna, and many more.  In Buenos Aires, she participated in numerous shows in “casas de tango” such as La Ventana Tango Show, Tango Porteño, El Querandí, Piazzola Tango and the historic Café Tortoni.  

In 2006, Virginia is selected to be part of the memorable company Forever Tango, performing for 4 consecutive and successful years.  In 2008, she performs exhibitions and workshops at the Montreal Tango Festival in Canada and in numerous cities in the USA such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Mónica, Washington D. C., Chicago, and so on.  In 2013, becomes the partner of the dancer and “master of masters” Juan Carlos Copes, performing at Tango Porteño Show at the heart of Buenos Aires.

Virginia has also worked as a choreographer at Esquina Carlos Gardel and studied as a Stage Manager.  Currently, Virginia performs with her new Argentinian partner, musician and dancer Claudio Ceballos.  Together, they provide tango lessons at La Nueva Escuela Argentina de Tango at Galerias Pacífico in Buenos Aires, and promote her true passion for tango and their Argentine culture touring with workshops and exhibitions.


  Jan 23rd Gala  


$25 ($30 at the door)

Until January 20th

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